What they are and why it's important to treat them

“Miasm” is a word that homeopaths have used for many years to describe inherited predispositions towards physical and/or mental illnesses or weaknesses.  For example, we have all heard people say,  “Every time I get a cold,  it turns into bronchitis.  I have a weak chest, just like my father did.  And his mother had the same thing.”

A homeopathic doctor who heard this story would immediately suspect a tubercular miasm as the cause of this inherited tendency.  This means that someone back in the family line actually had tuberculosis and passed on to one or more of their children a tubercular weakness, or miasm.  Tuberculosis itself is not an inheritable disease,  but the miasm can be inherited.  Other common manifestations of the tubercular miasm are having a hard time gaining enough weight, osteoporosis, and dairy food allergies.  A person who has inherited a tubercular miasm does not actually have the disease tuberculosis, just as people with cancer, gonorrheal, syphilitic and skin (psora) miasms do not actually have these illnesses.

These five miasms are recognized by classically trained homeopaths as quite common in the general population.  Most people have at least one, if not several, of these common miasms.  This is because these illnesses have affected great numbers of people on the planet over numerous generations, so most of us have at least one predecessor who had one of these illnesses.

As you can see by the brief example of the tubercular miasm above, miasms can cause minor to severe health problems.  If a person leads a stress-free life, his or her inherited miasms can remain pretty much dormant, causing little or no physical problems.  But if a person undergoes a significant physical or emotional stress (a car accident, for example, or a divorce), then the general weakening effect of the stress can allow whatever miasms that might be present to begin exerting problems on the physical and/or emotional and mental levels.  If the person has a psora (skin) miasm, they might begin to break out with eczema or psoriasis.  Or, if the person has a tubercular miasm, they might come down with pneumonia.

A conceptual idea of what we might see on the energetic level when a miasm is being released from the body

A conceptual idea of what we might see on the energetic level when a miasm is being released from the body

The concept of miasms is unfamiliar to western medicine.  This is because miasms are properly classed as “vibrational” level problems.  Every illness, and indeed, every substance on earth has its own unique vibrational patterning or blueprint, which gives it its defining characteristics.  We can acquire the vibrational blueprint of illnesses or of substances when we are exposed to them.  But exposure does not automatically mean someone will acquire the blueprint(miasm)  of an illness or substance. 

For example, let's say you moved into a new air-tight home that out-gassed the chemical formaldehyde.  You may or may not acquire a formaldehyde miasm.  If you do acquire this chemical miasm, then a child of yours born subsequent to this exposure might inherit this miasm from you.  You will have physically detectable levels of formaldehyde in your body, at least for a certain period of time.  Your child,  however, will not have formaldehyde in his or her body, but will have the vibrational patterning of this chemical held in the body, and this can cause physical illness during times of stress.  Even an infant can become ill as a result of inherited miasms if the prenatal or perinatal experience was stressful.

Another example might be helpful.  Many people in the 1950's were exposed indiscriminately to the pesticide DDT.  It has been discovered that many pesticides and plastics have potent estrogenic  (acting like the female hormone estrogen)  effects in the body.  DDT has been proven to be the cause of widespread, tragic reproductive health effects in many different species of wildlife.  If a human being has a DDT miasm, this can eventually cause hormone imbalances.  In women, it can cause many various hormone-related problems, from endometriosis and ovarian cysts, to abnormal menstrual cycles.  If a person was born with this miasm, he or she may have no DDT in their body, but the inherited vibrational blueprint of this potent chemical will nevertheless potentially affect their health profoundly.

Here are a few examples of fairly common miasms in today's world, and some of their more common health manifestations.  Diphtheria miasm:  recurrent minor or severe sore throats and tonsillitis; cholera miasm:  strong tendency towards diarrhea and chilliness; Cannabis (recreational drug) miasm:  attention deficit disorder in children and adults; polio vaccine miasm multiple sclerosis-like symptoms; smallpox miasm:  herpes infections; Tetracycline miasm:  facial rashes (rosaceae, for example) and chronic digestive problems; radiation miasm:  diabetes, thyroid gland dysfunction,  digestive problems, anemia, skin disorders; heavy metal miasms:  senile dementia, Parkinsonism, hypertension.

Vibrational medicines like homeopathy are needed to clear miasms out of the body

Vibrational medicines like homeopathy are needed to clear miasms out of the body

Since miasms are information held in the body on a vibrational level, it takes vibrational medicines to clear them out of the body.  Homeopathy, flower essences and gem elixirs are examples of vibrational medicines.  Miasms can be permanently cleared from a person's body if the correct vibrational medicine is given, in the proper sequence of treatment.  A bacterial infection can be treated by physical level medicines such as antibiotics or herbal and vitamin therapy.  But the tubercular miasm that predisposes someone towards bronchitis cannot be cleared by physical level medicines, because it is fundamentally a vibrational level problem.

Let's consider the case of a cabinet-maker who has been repeatedly exposed to high concentrations of solvents.  This person might require physical level detoxification (using certain herbs, amino acids, dietary modifications, etc.)  to get the excess solvents out of the liver, kidneys and fat tissue.  If they have also acquired a solvent miasm, they will need a vibrational level medicine to clear it.  Otherwise, the miasm could cause symptoms even though the actual physical solvent has been removed from the body.  Additionally, this person could potentially pass this solvent miasm down to one or more of their children.

It is my hope that this brief explanation will help clarify questions regarding miasms, and some of the mysteries surrounding chronic disease.  In many cases, it is essential that miasms be cleared in order for health to be fully restored in a lasting way.  This is especially true when repeated attempts to address problems with well-chosen physical level healing modalities do not produce desired results.