Adam and Eve: Revisited

A forthcoming book by Artemis Celt, ND

What really happened when Eve ate that apple? Stay tuned...     

What really happened when Eve ate that apple?
Stay tuned...


Isn't it time we took a look at what really happened when Eve ate that apple?  Does anyone wonder what in the world "The Fall" really refers to?  And while we're at it, what gives with the serpent?  

In the fall of 2002, while living in the Española valley of New Mexico, I wrote the rough draft of a book.  This book tells the story of how I became aware of the potential of the human body to undergo its own version of metamorphosis.  This is not a scholarly work.  Instead it chronicles the unfolding synchronicities and unexpected revelations that occurred as I began my tentative, self-styled research into this subject.  The repression of this information on Earth during recent millennia is explored, and musings on the physiology of human metamorphosis are included.

I have come to understand this entire subject as a vast, magnificent tapestry of realized human potential on Earth -- a tapestry that in recent millennia has undergone such thorough unraveling that for all intents and purposes it has become unrecognizable in our present day and ageThe story of Adam and Eve that many of us grew up with is deeply embedded in this unraveled tapestry.

Adam and Eve: Revisited is my first attempt to begin remembering and reweaving this tapestry, to help reawaken our slumbering collective knowledge of this phenomenal potential that is held within our very own bodies.

When Will it be Available?

I am currently re-working the rough draft of this book in order to get it ready for publication.  If you would like to be notified when this book is available for purchase, please head to Contact, check the appropriate box in the form near the bottom of the page, and fill out your contact information.  I will notify you when the book is available for purchase.