How to Take Your Cell Salts

Two cell salts:  Natrum sulph 6X, and      Mag phos 6X

Two cell salts:  Natrum sulph 6X, and
Mag phos 6X

The homeopathic cell salts (also known as the Scheussler Tissue Salts) have been used for over a century by the public and by practitioners of alternative medicine.  Salts are combinations of two minerals that dissolve when put in water.  For example, we have sodium chloride, or common table salt.  Another well-known salt is magnesium sulfide, or epsom salts.  The cell salts are specific inorganic mineral combinations that are widely needed in the body for a vast number of functions.  It is very common today for people to become significantly depleted in one or more of these cell salts.  If the body's emergency stores of one or more cell salts becomes depleted, then symptoms of dis-ease and illness gradually begin to manifest. There are many reasons why people's cell salt reserves become depleted:  soil depletion of various minerals, dietary insufficiency of certain minerals, difficulty digesting (breaking down) and/or absorbing certain minerals, depletion of minerals due to poor diet, and chronic exposure to background ionizing radiation.  Infants can be born with cell salt deficiencies if the mother was deficient.

The cell salts are prepared as very low-potency (for example 3X or 6X) homeopathic remedies.  At these very low potencies, some of the starter substance for each remedy is still retained in the remedy in a highly bio-available form.  This means that very small amounts of the minerals are easily absorbed by the body, as they don't have to be broken down within food in order to be absorbed.  Taking the needed cell salts over a period of months can restore depleted reserves in the body, and restore healthy function of various tissues and organs that have been starving for these essential minerals.  

The cell salts indicate the specific homeopathic potency needed.   Be sure to purchase the correct potency, as the cell salts come in different potencies.

Take _____ tablets per dose of each remedy.  The remedies should be taken a few hours apart from each other.  Exact timing is not important here – just try to leave at least an hour between remedies, and spread the doses out over the entire day.  Take each remedy ______ times a day, and alternate the remedies if you have been prescribed two or more cell salts.  For example, remedy #1 at 8 a.m., then remedy #2 at 11 a.m., followed by remedy #1 at 3 p.m., and finally, remedy #2 at 8 p.m.  Try to leave 10 minutes on either side of taking the cells salts without food or drink.  They taste like sugar and you can let them dissolve in your mouth.

Take your cell salts for _____ days // weeks // months.

In order to avoid antidoting the action of the cell salts, it's best to avoid frequent use of strongly metholated or camphorated substances (Altoids, Vics Vap-O-Rub, Metholatum, etc.).  Occasional use of these substances is OK.  It's fine to use herbs, supplements, flower essences, gem elixirs and prescription medications during the same time period you are taking the cell salts.  However, you want to avoid taking other homeopathic medicines unless it is something like a single use of Arnica for a bruise, or a cold remedy taken only once or twice.  Also, I often will prescribe one dose of a high-potency homeopathic remedy to clear a miasm or for an emotional healing, and these are fine to take while you are on your cell salts.

You can purchase cell salts at the Port Townsend Food Coop, Bear Root Apothecary (formerly Uptown Nutrition in Port Townsend), Sunny Farms (Sequim), and at many other health-related businesses that carry supplements.  Cell salts can also be purchased at numerous websites online, such as or  Bottles of 500 tablets typically cost under $10 if purchased online.