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The section called About introduces me in my capacity as a naturopathic physician and tells you about my background.  Naturopathic doctors have a wide variety of styles of practicing and a wide variety of specialties.  In this section you can read about my specialties and about my way of practicing. Here you can also read about what's involved in making an appointment, get a sense of what office visits are like, and take a look at my published articles. 

My Naturopathic Services

This section gives you succinct overviews of the various traditional and contemporary naturopathic services I offer in my practice.  

My Quantum Healing Services

Quantum Healing explores some of the common non-physical causes of dis-ease.   This section reflects my evolution as a doctor after decades of work with patients, and explains why quantum healing has become one of the focal points of my practice.  Peeling the Onion addresses how I approach healing with the people who seek my services.  

You can learn about one very common and often overlooked "onion layer" encountered in today's world by reading About Miasms.  Over the past twenty years I have developed a body of work on the treatment of drug, chemical, radiation and vaccine miasms.  My patients' testimonials and my published articles will show you how the treatment of miasms frequently results in the complete healing or the significant improvement of many types of physical ailments.

Artemis Celt, ND

Artemis Celt, ND

For My Patients

This section includes important information about what you need to know for your first appointment.  This section also covers topics pertinent to various healing modalities that I often recommend, such as instructions on taking a prescribed homeopathic remedy, and what to expect over the course of homeopathic treatment. 

Works in Progress

Works in Progress introduces the reader to books I plan on completing one fine day.  

Deity Central

Deity Central is devoted to the heart and far-reaching vision of my ever-evolving work on our planet Earth.  This work has to do with strengthening a certain unprecedented potential for humanity on Earth that is occurring now, in this slice of time we call the 21st century. 

This potential can be referred to as the deification of humanity,  which is attained via a natural process I call "human metamorphosis."  I wrote Stripe Meets the Na'vi as an introductory article on this topic for a regional wellness directory in Washington State.  Please see A Book in the Works to read about my forthcoming book, Adam and Eve: Revisited, which explores this subject in much greater detail.  Why "Deity Central?"  shines some light on my choice of a name for this website, and wraps everything up.


If you are interested in being notified when I add new articles or information to this website, or when my books are published and available for purchase, please go to Contact. 

Although my healing work and the subject of human metamorphosis can each stand on their own as separate topics, they are also closely interrelated.  This is because as we continue to heal the physical and non-physical parts of ourselves, we begin to experience ever-expanding versions of wholeness.  And this process, over time, inevitably leads us to one of our birthrights:  the right to experience ourselves as fully morphed, fully awakened deities inhabiting this fair Earth and this universe that is our blessed home.