Traditional and
Contemporary Naturopathic Services


In addition to the vibrational healing aspects of my work, I also offer time-honored, standard naturopathic services. Sometimes this initially becomes the focal point of treatment, as there is often a great need for it.

At other times this focus takes a back seat when non-physical causes of physical illness are pin-pointed as the priority of treatment.  

Most often, a blend of healing modalities is employed in any given office visit, depending on the needs of the individual at that time.  

For example, for one patient I might treat autoimmune thyroid illness with prescription thyroid medication, diet and supplements.  And for another patient with the same condition, the appointment might focus primarily on shifting imbalances related to the 5th chakra, the energy center that corresponds on the physical level with the thyroid gland.  

The golden rule that naturopaths strive to keep in mind is that first and foremost we are treating a person rather than a condition — a unique individual who requires a healing plan tailored to their specific needs.