Orthodox & Specialty Labwork

I sometimes recommend conventional blood work in order to assess thyroid function and autoimmune thyroid conditions; basic metabolic parameters such as kidney and liver function; red and white blood cell counts; vitamins D3, B12, and other nutrient levels; levels of inflammation in the body; electrolyte balance, and so forth. 

I also work with certain specialty labs, including:

  • Genova Diagnostics:  salivary Adrenal Stress Profiles, comprehensive stool testing, Candida testing, hormone evaluation panels, Nutrevals (Nutritional Evaluations), etc.  Genova Diagnostics offers an Easy Pay A insurance option whereby many of their tests are made available at a significantly discounted rate if the patient's insurance company qualifies for this program.  I make this insurance option available to my patients.
An example of a salivary Adrenal Stress Profile

An example of a salivary Adrenal Stress Profile

  • Cyrex Labs:  state of the art comprehensive food sensitivity testing, neurological autoimmune testing, in-depth gluten autoimmune and gluten cross-reactive foods, etc.
  • Doctor's Data:  toxic metals and essentials elements assessment, comprehensive stool testing, cardiovascular risk profiles, and more.
  • US BioTek:  Environmental Pollutants Profile, global food antibody testing, Urinary Metabolic Panel, and more.