Making an Appointment

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Making an Appointment

To make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please leave a message with my office voice mail: (360) 379-1013.  I will return your call within 24 hours.  If you're not sure that I am the right practitioner for you, I am happy to spend a few minutes on the phone with you in order to sort this out.  It is important to me that the way I work is a good match for each person who comes to my office for a consultation.


If you are unable to come to my office in person for your consultation, I can schedule a time to complete the interview either over the phone or via Skype.  I do muscle-testing for my long-distance clients with a surrogate muscle-tester.  A surrogate is someone who stands in for another person.  Please call me if you have questions about how this is done.


I base the cost of appointments on the time spent during any given appointment, plus the cost of a homeopathic remedy, if needed.  If you are not a long-distance client and come to my Port Townsend office for your appointments, the fee is based on an hourly rate of $125.  For long-distance clients there is a minimum charge of $100, and the hourly rate is $150.  This is because I must schedule a separate time to work with a surrogate muscle-tester for you, someone who has worked for me very reliably in this capacity for many years.  A homeopathic remedy typically costs $20 unless I need to special order one for you, or if I need to have a remedy made for you.  I don't charge for the occasional five-minute phone call between office visits.  However, if these calls run over five minutes long, there is a charge based on my hourly rate.  This charge also applies to e-mails that require a response time of over five minutes.


Payment in full is expected at the time my services are rendered.  I do not take credit cards, but you can use a credit card to make a payment via PayPal.  If you are a long-distance client, my standing policy is to make sure your check has cleared before I send your remedy and treatment information.  

Thus, you may want to consider the option of making a payment via PayPal.  I do have a PayPal account, and this is an easy, secure and instantaneous way to make a payment.  There are small fees associated with service-related PayPal transactions and these will be included in your bill.

If you wish to pay now via PayPal for an appointment you've had, please use the PayPal button below:


If your insurance plan includes treatment by a licensed naturopathic physician, I can provide you with a one-page Superbill that includes diagnostic coding pertinent to your appointment.  You will pay me at the time services are rendered, and then you submit the Superbill to your insurance company.  They reimburse you directly for a portion of the charges.  Please let me know at the time of your appointment if you would like me to fill out a Superbill for you.  If you forget to ask for one during your appointment, call my office and let me know that you need one.  I will be happy to mail it to you.

Appointment Cancellation Policy 

There are no charges associated with appointment cancellations and reschedulings as long as you notify my office by phone by 5 PM the day before your scheduled appointment.  A $50 fee will be assessed for failure to notify my office by 5 PM the day before your scheduled appointment.  

Your Privacy

My office is in compliance with HIPPA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

Preparation for your first appointment.