Miasm clearings and healing

"After decades of working in a very toxic industry, my body finally succumbed to what turned out to be a solvent poisoning that landed me in the emergency room.  The doctors prescribed antihistamines to relieve my symptoms and sent me home.  Three different doctor visits and months later, the last one being a dermatologist, I was advised to accept that I would probably have to take antihistamines daily, for the rest of my life.  They couldn't fix the problem and could only prescribe a palliative.

I don't like taking drugs as they rearrange my head and my waking and sleeping patterns.  I decided to look into alternatives.

Artemis Celt immediately discovered the true nature of my illness and just as quickly, took care of the problem.  Delighted hardly describes how grateful I am to live without drugs and be able to work again.  Thanks, Artemis."

Diana T., boat builder
Port Townsend

"It's supposed to be a secret, but I'll tell you anyway.  We doctors do nothing. We only help encourage the doctor within."  —Albert Schweitzer, MD

"It's supposed to be a secret, but I'll tell you anyway.  We doctors do nothing. We only help encourage the doctor within." 
—Albert Schweitzer, MD

"When my son was eleven years old, he was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma.  Dr. Celt treated him for two chemical miasms and one childhood vaccine miasm, and the asthma cleared up.  We were all relieved, as Joe loved hiking in the mountains and playing soccer.  He has led an active and healthy life since receiving Dr. Celt's treatments over fourteen years ago."

Valerie V., LMP
Port Townsend

"Some years ago I was loading up the car to begin a return trip home from visiting family in Illinois.  I picked up a suitcase and was immediately incapacitated with over-the-top back pain.  My wife drove us back to the Olympic Peninsula, and I spent most of the trip with the front seat reclined, flat on my back.  When we got back, I was treated by an experienced chiropractor, and when that didn't bring relief, I had a series of adjustments by another highly regarded chiropractor who diagnosed a herniated disc.

Now nearly two weeks into profound pain, I consulted with Dr. Celt, who told me I needed to be treated for a radiation miasm.  I took the homeopathic pills she gave me and......by that evening I was fine."

David B.

"After leading a very active and healthy life, in my 50's I came down with multiple chemical sensitivity that was often debilitating.  Even brief exposures to things like paint fumes, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and perfumes could put me in bed for days at a time, unable to function.  I suffered with this for 15 years.  A year ago I began receiving treatment from Dr. Celt, and I am happy to say that I have experienced at least a 90% improvement in my overall health!"

Jean K.
Port Townsend

"When my daughter Carolina turned 13 months old she became alarmingly ill with a high fever that persisted for eight days.  This was in July of 2010.  After visiting her pediatrician and the Children's Hospital in Seattle several times within that week, we were told that she must just be fighting a virus.  During that week she stopped eating, drinking and speaking, would not make eye contact, and did not want to be touched.  Carolina was completely listless by the third day, and we knew something was seriously wrong. 

On the ninth day of her illness we took her to Dr. Celt who discovered that our daughter had a vaccine injury.  Artemis gave her a homeopathic remedy that had Carolina smiling and interacting with us within fifteen minutes of taking it.  It took about a week for a full recovery, and our daughter has been thriving ever since.  Words cannot express the gratitude and amazement that we feel for Artemis' gift of healing."

Silenia R.
Bainbridge Island

"When I consulted with Dr. Artemis Celt recently, I had just been through a fruitless nine months of expensive lab tests, and experiments with different prescribed diets and supplements.  Full of frustrations, and without much hope of relief for my gastrointestinal problems, I decided to see Dr. Celt.  She had helped my son years ago when he was just a baby when the other myriad of doctors I had taken him to hadn't been able to help him.

After my first visit with Dr. Celt, I experienced a 75% improvement in my condition.  Artemis' work is an exceptional combination of solid homeopathy and naturopathic medicine, with a big dose of intuitive diagnosis and years of experience.  If you are finding that your health problems are just not being taken care of after going through the traditional channels, and they're too difficult for anyone you have consulted with so far, I would highly recommend that you see Dr. Celt."

Holly M.
Port Townsend

"This past January,  naturopathic physician Artemis Celt presented"Quantum Healing,"  one of the most compelling and thought-provoking Health Awareness Presentations that I've ever hosted at my store.  Nutrition is a tangible approach to optimal health.  But I have often felt that the pursuit of health often goes far beyond the tangible.  What if you have been doing everything right, have had every lab test imaginable, but are still plagued with a health issue?  Where do you turn?  Perhaps you turn to a practitioner skilled in diagnosing and treating non-physical causes of illness -- causes such as miasms,  power loss,  the compartmentalization of trauma into “files” of the unconscious,  unresolved ancestral and past life issues – to name but a few of the topics Dr. Celt discussed with those who came to hear her speak.  Dr. Celt offers us a much-needed alternative when we have explored tangible physical healing modalities and still find ourselves in search of optimal well-being."

Suzy Carroll, Uptown Nutrition (now under new ownership as Bear Root Apothecary)
Port Townsend