Peeling the Onion

Understanding the healing process

The analogy of peeling an onion can be applied to healing the mansion of one's own body and being

The analogy of peeling an onion can be applied to healing the mansion of one's own body and being

We can choose to heal one particular condition, or we can look at our whole being and choose to engage in a process that will address the totality of who we are.  If we choose the latter, we begin to activate a series of clearings and healings.  The body in all its wisdom usually prefers to address one or two issues at a time, rather than everything all at once. 

Imagine trying to clean up a magnificent five story mansion that's been unattended to for a decade.  If you roll up your sleeves and try to tackle the whole thing in a week you'd quickly get overwhelmed and walk off the job.  But if you tackle it in stages over the course of a year or two, everything would gradually get attended to in a systematic way that's quite manageable.

The same is true with the magnificent mansion of our own being.  For each and every person, there is a way to go about healing the mansion of one's own body and being.  This way is unique for each person, and it is filled with intelligence and wisdom.  The analogy of peeling an onion can be applied to this process.  We identify and address the "outer" layer first, and when that is "peeled away" the second layer reveals itself more clearly.  How is it revealed?  Sometimes by physical symptoms.  Sometimes by things that happen in our lives that really get our attention.  Sometimes by a particularly strong dream we might have.  Very often a layer will consist of a specific miasm plus another issue, such as a chakra that needs attending to, or a trauma that was never adequately resolved.  In my office, these layers are identified by muscle-testing (see What's An Appointment Like?) after a getting an update from the client.

The top layers of Shauna's "onion"

The top layers of Shauna's "onion"

Here is an example of layers being peeled away

(Many other case examples can be found in the articles I have written.

Shauna is fifty years old and comes to the office because she's had yet another episode of bronchitis, and the cough that always lasts two months afterwards is already one week old.  She's had yearly bouts with this since her early thirties.  Shauna has also been having hot flashes two or three times a day for the past six months, since going through menopause.  She has a years-long tendency towards indigestion, and ten years ago during a time of great stress she had a problem with hair loss.  Although much of her hair grew back over time, it still isn't as full as it used to be. The thing that's bothering her the most right now is the cough.

First Layer:  Using applied kinesiology (muscle-testing) it is determined that the first layer of Shauna's "onion" consists of two treatment priorities.  The first is an inherited tubercular miasm, and she receives the specific homeopathic remedy she needs for this. The second treatment priority is an unresolved emotional issue and is pin-pointed as grief by muscle-testing.  After discussing this finding with Shauna, she remembers that during the time of stress ten years ago a close friend of hers had died unexpectedly, and she hadn't had the opportunity at that time to deal with the grief.  Unexpressed grief will, over time, often begin manifesting symptoms in the respiratory tract.  So the treatment plan for this first layer is two-fold: take a homeopathic remedy to clear a tubercular miasm, and make the time to allow the repressed grief to come up and out, using body work to assist if need be. 

Ten days later Shauna informs me by phone that her cough is 95% better, but at her follow-up appointment four weeks later she says that

Second Layer:  "The hot flashes are driving me crazy!  My cough has been gone for almost two weeks now, but my hot flashes have gotten much worse the past week, and now I'm having them at least ten times a day."  This is happening because now a DDT miasm acquired in childhood is the outer layer of the onion.  The tubercular miasm has been successfully cleared and will never cause a problem again (unless it is somehow reacquired—a very unlikely event).  The pesticide DDT can cause significant hormone imbalances in women and in men, and Shauna now needs a remedy to treat this chemical miasm.  I also advise her to reduce her exposure to the xenoestrogens in plastics that can cause estrogenic effects in the body.  Within four weeks the hot flashes are "barely noticeable."  Four months go by, and then she calls to make an appointment because

Third Layer:  "My indigestion has really been acting up lately, plus my hair is starting to fall out again.  I started taking a good supplement for hair growth, but it doesn't seem to be helping."  Muscle-testing indicates that there are now two treatment priorities for Shauna.  The first is an inherited radiation miasm.  The cells of the small intestine are quite sensitive to radiation, and therefore a radiation miasm can potentially give rise to intestinal problems.  The needed homeopathic remedy is identified and dispensed.  The second priority is pin-pointed as a third chakra issue.  The stomach and small intestines are located in the vicinity of the third chakra and can be affected by imbalances in this chakra.  I discuss with Shauna ways of bringing balance back to her third chakra.  

One month later Shauna calls to tell me that nothing has improved.  Muscle-testing determines that the homeopathic remedy was antidoted by dental x-rays she had two weeks ago.  She receives another dose of the remedy, and this time her hair stops falling out over the course of the following three weeks.  But by the end of three more weeks her stomach is not better.  

Fourth Layer:  This is because her fourth "onion layer" is a prescription drug miasm, specifically a Tetracycline miasm.  A common side effect of this antibiotic is digestive upsets, and so the Tetracycline miasm can also cause or contribute to this symptom.  Additionally, results came in from a comprehensive GI stool test I had recommended.  This revealed an H. pylori infection.   When the H. pylori infection is treated, and the correct homeopathic remedy is prescribed, Shauna's indigestion gradually resolves and years go by before I hear from her again.