Dreams, Healing and Wholeness

We are living in an interesting time, a time that has become more and more dominated by just a very small part of the totality of who we are.  And what is that small part? 

Some would call it our mental body.  Others call it the mind.  Eckhart Tolle would call it the ego.  The mind is a magnificent and very useful instrument when applied to the right tasks.  You certainly wouldn't want to use anything else to schedule an appointment or to read the instruction manual for your new digital camera.  

But when trying to heal chronic illnesses, the mind can only get us so far.  Western medicine is a monumental testament to this fact.  This is because true, lasting healing is almost always a non-linear affair, and the mind operates in a doggedly linear fashion.  This is what it is designed to do, so there's no getting around it!  Most of us are still operating out of our mental body nearly 100% of our waking life and therefore we habitually try to use our minds to solve every kind of problem, including non-linear problems. 

In truth, however, one of the best uses of the mind when attempting to source information for healing purposes is in the selection of the best tool or tools for this sourcing.  And what might some of these tools be?  Deep meditation.  Shamanic journeying.  Akashic record reading.  Dream retrieval and illumination.  Astral travel.

We can consciously direct our dreams in order to receive information about healing

We can consciously direct our dreams in order to receive information about healing

Dreamwork is one of the most useful of these tools in our day and age.  Dreams by-pass the mental body entirely, and give us access to information held by our higher self, which is directly linked to the greater Divine Mind, the Mind that contains the totality of all information in the universe.  Because dreams by-pass the mental body,  they rarely give us information in a linear fashion.  Instead, they give us encoded information in the language of symbols.  This is a language, and like any other language that might be unfamiliar to us, it can take a little practice getting the hang of translating it with ease and accuracy.

We can consciously direct our dreams in order to receive information about healing.  This can be invaluable, especially when other avenues of healing have been pursued and progress remains unsatisfactory.  I have been working with dreams since the mid-1980's.  Soon after moving to Port Townsend to start my practice,  I led several dream groups.  Since then I have incorporated dreamwork into my practice, helping clients decode dreams that have healing relevance, and assisting people in the utilization of this decoded information.

"A dream that has not been interpreted is like a letter that has not been opened."   —Talmud

"A dream that has not been interpreted is like a letter that has not been opened."

Dreams are boundlessly rich sources of information.  Unlike meditation, shamanic journeying, Akashic record reading, and other forms of non-linear information access,  they are relatively easy for most people to remember and work with.  Dreams are often delightfully creative and brilliantly designed.  Sometimes they are terrifically funny,  and at other times they can be brutally honest. 

Always they are our allies, our true-blue friends, working on our behalf to deliver information we need in order to live with less limitation and with more freedom.  The end result of less limitation and more freedom is often emotional, physical and/or spiritual healing,  and this is why I continue to bring dreamwork into my practice, day after day, year after year.  It is one of the most powerful allies in the pursuit of wholeness for people throughout the world.

Here is a straightforward example of a dream that brought specific information to a seeker of healing.  Several years ago a woman had an upper molar that had begun to cause her quite a bit of pain.  It was beginning to look like a root canal was in her near future.  Hoping to avoid this surgery, she asked for a dream about healing for her tooth.  Here is the dream she received the next morning:

"Somehow I know that an old woman and her little dog have been murdered by a serial killer.  I am watching as the dream pans in on her dog lying on the front steps of her house as a policeman's hand reaches to pick it up.  This image repeats several times."

I always ask my patients to give their dreams a title.  This woman titled her dream "The Serial Killer."  In a wonderful play on words, the dream told her that she needed to greatly reduce the amount of cereal products in her diet.  She immeditately stopped eating all products containing wheat and the tooth pain quickly resolved and has never returned.  The dream was also telling her in no uncertain terms that it would be best for her long term health to avoid eating cereal products.