Why "Deity Central"?

Many people have asked me why I have given my website the name Deity Central.

I have chosen this name because it accurately reflects the direction my healing work is taking.  Twenty some years ago I had a primary care naturopathic practice, and over the years this has gradually evolved into a quantum healing practice.  I have come to see that these are the smaller ripples contained within a much larger ripple that is my future work:  that of helping to make human metamorphosis—the deification of humanity—a real, living option on this planet once again.

I envision this website as a place where I can share information on this subject with others who are interested in it.  I see it as a place where a larger and larger body of reliable knowledge about human metamorphosis will be made available to all who have a passion for exploring this aspect of themselves.  I have hopes that it will evolve into a central meeting place for many "butterflies-in-the-making."

Please read Stripe Meets the Na'vi for an introduction to this topic.  My forthcoming book, Adam and Eve: Revisited, will explore this subject in much greater detail. 

I have chosen the term "deity" to denote the "butterfly" aspect of humanity

I have chosen the term "deity" to denote the "butterfly" aspect of humanity

Because the term "deity" can mean many things to many people, I would like to clarify one specific thing in relation to my use of it.  By use of the term "deification," I do not mean to imply that one form of existence is "better" or "more perfect" or "holy-er" than another form.  The caterpillar is one perfect aspect of God, if you will.  The butterfly is another perfect aspect of God.  And the chrysalis is yet another.  My central concern here lies not with trashing the grub in favor of the butterfly.  My concern lies with freedom:  the freedom to choose between all available options.  We cannot exercise our full power of choice if we are not aware that certain choices even exist.  If our awareness is blunted, then our freedom becomes blunted by the same degree.  I have chosen the term "deity" to denote the "butterfly" aspect of humanity because I think this word most aptly contains the essence of it.

This subject, like many others,  is woefully limited by language.  In all likelihood, it is even mangled by language.  I will be the first to admit that language is a glorious thing, but in truth all it can ever do is describe, or in the case of the matter at hand, attempt to describe.  Experience is really where it's at, wouldn't you agree?  Let's not let the challenges that language invariably presents when trying to communicate about such lofty matters get in the way of the ecstacy of experience.  It's my guess that human metamorphosis has everything to do with human ecstasy on Earth, a collective ecstasy that is due for re-emergence here in the not too distant future.