Preparing for Your First Appointment

During your first consultation with me, I will be gathering all the essential information needed in order to serve you to the very best of my ability.  It is quite helpful if this information can be gathered together prior to the appointment.  You don't need to write it all down unless this makes it easier for you.  Here is a list of the things I will be asking you about.

"Your cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles are all intelligent:  their collective job is to respond to your input."   —Barbara Marciniak

"Your cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles are all intelligent:  their collective job is to respond to your input."  
—Barbara Marciniak

Medical history

Medical procedures history:   By this I mean surgeries, MRI's, CT scans, epidurals, colonoscopies, injectable dyes, and so forth.

Prescription drug history, from birth to present:   This includes drugs you took only once or for a short duration.  It is particularly important for me to hear about any adverse drug reactions you may have experienced at any time in your life.  Most people do not remember all the prescription drugs they've taken during their lifetime.  Just do your best to pull this information together and don't worry about getting it all perfectly compiled!

Over-the-counter drug history:   What is needed here are any OTC drugs you took for extended periods of time,  or that you had adverse reactions to.

Recreational drug history:   As with the prescription drug history, this includes anything you may have used,  even if it was just once or several times.  Why is this information needed?  It's needed because many people in this day and age have at least one, if not several, recreational drug miasms.  It's important to remember that miasms can be inherited or acquired, so children can inherit various miasms from each parent.

Chemical, heavy metal and radiation exposure history

Vaccine history:   This is another category that many people have trouble piecing together accurately.  Just do the best you can, and especially scan your memory for trips abroad that may have involved vaccines, or time spent in the military where immunizations were given.  It is particularly important for me to know if you had any adverse reactions to a particular vaccine, or if a significant illness occurred within three months of having been vaccinated.

Dental history:   If you have amalgam (silver) fillings, how many do you have?  How many root canals have you had?  If you've had any root canals, it would be helpful to know the number of the tooth or teeth involved.  Dentists have a numbering system for teeth, and you can call your dentist's office to get this information.  Why is this information potentially helpful?  Because each tooth refers to specific organs and organ systems in the body.

Allergies:   Do you have allergies to specific medications, foods, or substances in the environment?

Trauma history:   I will be asking you about anything that occurred in your life that you experienced as traumatic.  Unhealed trauma often plays a major role in the creation of chronic illness.

Other:   If any of the following are significant in your history, please be sure to let me know:  birth trauma, head injuries, addictions, very poor memory for certain times in your life, anything unhealed from your family history that you feel may be affecting your life now.

What to Bring to Your Appointments

Please always bring the prescription medications you are taking to your appointments. 

If you want me to muscle-test certain foods, supplements, jewelry or other items for you, please feel free to bring them to your appointment and I will do this for you if time permits.

Bring the supplements you are taking to your first appointment, just in case I end up wanting to look some of them over.

If you have had lab work done within the past two years that I haven't yet seen, if possible please bring in a copy of the results so I can include them in your chart.